Evolans Coaching

Navigate through change, uncertainty, exams, and international moves

with flexibility, mindfulness, new perspectives and renewed focus

Find your way
through change
and uncertainty

Are you navigating through tough decisions ?  I can assist to align with your highest purposes and values and embrace the choices and circumstances before you, in an environment of trust and with mindfulness.

Moving country, adapting to a new environment, exam preparation in a new international context, and international work challenges often require fresh perspectives to unlock new potential.



My 27 years of Taïchindo (Asian Art of Movement), my passion for Neurosciences, my broad educational journey and my international background, are foundational to my holistic and integrative coaching approach.


I know first-hand the importance of resilience and self-compassion when facing adversity and thriving by taking brave steps to bounce-back from challenges and change. 

I am a Certified Professional CoActive Coach, accredited by the International Coaching Federation, and a The Daring Way™ Facilitator.


Coaching Programs

Focus on achieving success during change and uncertainty

Coaching to adult and students, those managing international transition, career change

or exam preparation, and to families managing international relocation 


 1:1 coaching programs and workshops adapted to individual needs

and based on the highly successful Co-Active Coaching model and The Daring Way™  

All coaching is accredited by the International Coach Federation and the Coach Training Institute

Individual session

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Discover in a 75 min session what coaching can do for you, or laser focus on one specific topic if you have previous experienced of being coached

Personalised Road Map


Navigate through your transition in 12 sessions of 1 h over 4 months  to build your values alignement, own your realities, and define your mission and the steps of your journey 


The Daring Way™

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Register for a 12h online group program on The Daring Way™  

Rising Strong™

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Register for a 12h online group program on Rising Strong™


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Participate in a 3h group workshop about navigating in uncertainty, overwhelming change, stress management, and positive intelligence tools. 



“When I started coaching with Leyla I wasn't sure what I expected to get out of the sessions. Rather than citing the objectives and benefits, Leyla asked thought-provoking questions and lead me through revealing exercises to help me define what I wanted to get from our time together. Leyla quickly helped me to identify personal strengths (that I never would have considered strengths) and better define what happiness looks like to me. Our conversations also gave me confidence to take on new challenges and to believe in myself.”

Kelly, Manager, Fortune 500 company, USA


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your way through change and uncertainty

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