Learn with passion  Teach with vision


We provide a 1:1 coaching program  for school and college students to succeed in their endeavors, to develop the foundations for long-term academic success and to become lifelong learners.


The program goes beyond typical student counseling services to by helping students to

  • Understand their learning style and how to leverage this

  • Improve their organization and study skills, and apply a robust  and consistent work-ethic 

  • Take ownership for their learning and development 

  • Set realistic goals and achieve them, overcome obstacles and deal with unexpected challenges

  • Improve their confidence and self-belief

  • Communicate more effectively with peers and teachers

Why work with us?


  • Learning will be your own journey.   There are so many ways of learning. Understanding each, and knowing when to vary your approach can yield immense benefits 

  • Your learning process will integrate structure and creativity.   Neuroscience allows us to understand how our left and right brain play different roles in the learning process.   We will leverage both, developing your left brain creativity, and your right brain structure together

  • Learning will be fun!    As it should be.    Being "stuck", tired, depressed or overwhelmed happens to all students.  We will show you how to move beyond this and build for the future.