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Adult Learners

Our coaching Program for adult learners recognizes the particular challenges that the choice of continued education can bring.   

Wearing so many hats can test the best of us as we balance our educational goals against the greater demands that careers, families and friends place on our time.     We will help you meet your objectives and take your career to the next level by assisting you in

  • Understanding your learning style and the techniques to employ to make it work to your advantage

  • Reflecting on your past learning experiences and the benefits and burdens we carry as a consequence 

  • Managing the 'multiple-hat' phenomena, and becoming more effective in wearing each

  • Enjoying the learning journey.   In the age of continual learning, there is no final destinaton



Why work with us?

  • Develop your self-awareness of your learning abilities and resources, your blind-spots and hidden strengths 

  • Learn how to use the advantages that your experience and maturity give you, and to turn your learning journey into one of achievement and fulfillment

  • Build the framework for sustained success in your chosen field of learning