Learn with passion  Teach with vision

Leyla showed that she has a natural ability working with children of different ages. She was  highly regarded by the parents of our children and with the entire staff. 

Maureen,  Head, Montessori school, Virginia, US

My dyslexia was a huge challenge for me. At 12 years old, I worked with Leyla. She helped me understand how to learn. Thanks to Leyla's support today I have developed my own strategies to learn. I use them to start a new lesson, to get ready for an exam, and even in my everyday life in the way I speak with my parents, my brothers or my friends. Coaching with her was really fun!
Lea, 13 year old student, France

Working with Leyla changed my life and radically altered my approach to learning.  
I was stuck, destined to fail my exams, staring at a blank page and unable to relate to the abstract principles in front me. After 3 intensive days with Leyla I achieved the impossible. The subjects became  "alive" for me. I could understand them, relate them to simple practical ideas and talk about them confidently. Leyla focused on my strengths, developed my knowledge and showed me how to enjoy learning.  I duly passed. I would highly recommend her to any student who is similarly blocked and unable to see their path forwards, who wants to be able to perform to their best in their studies, or who simply wishes to enjoy learning using a fresh approach. 
François , Entrepreneur, France

Leyla has been of a great help for me at à time I really needed personal insight. Her skills and methodology allowed me to overcome my personal difficulties, see the problems I was facing more clearly and put in practice the exercises that solved most of them. I am thankful for having met such a talented person.

Karim, consultant, US

Leyla taught Political Science and Languages on our campus. She has shown a very good sense of pedagogy and a real involvement in her work. Her professionalism contributed a lot to our campus academic year. 

Delphine, Dean Campus Science-Po, France

Leyla had a lovely rapport with the students and did a beautiful job keeping them interested and engaged. She was enthusiastic and had excellent classroom management. She was able to connect with students and it was clear they felt comfortable taking risks. 

Sheena, Lower School Director, private school, Virginia, US

When I started coaching with Leyla I wasn't sure what I expected to get out of the sessions. Rather than citing the objectives and benefits, Leyla asked thought-provoking questions and lead me through revealing exercises to help me define what I wanted to get from our time together. Leyla quickly helped me to identify personal strengths (that I never would have considered strengths) and better define what happiness looks like to me. Our conversations also gave me confidence to take on new challenges and to believe in myself

Kelly, manager; Fortune 500 company, US

Leyla is passionate about education and the value that coaching can bring. The richness of her professional and international career, her self-investment and her seriousness of approach are a source of inspiration. I learned a great deal from our time together. 

Fanny, Head, Montessori School, Le Havre, France 

Every time I work with Leyla I find more energy in learning

Emily, 9 years old, US

I have been very impressed with Leyla's organizational skills. She uses different learning approaches with the students and caters for them individually, which I believe has been great in helping my son. 

Ana, mother of 10 year old student, US